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Medical Tourism is an intermediary institution between international patients and authorized health institutions.

Health (Medical) tourism; in short, it is the visit of individuals to a country other than their country of residence in order to receive both preventive,curative,rehabilitative and health-promoting services.Medical tourism can be defined as the travel of people to a different country from their own country in order to obtain any treatment application within the scope of medical, surgical or dentistry.Types of health tourism; medical tourism, thermal and spa-wellness tourism, elderly and disabled tourism. Since 2014, nearly 500 thousand medical tourism have been treated in turkey for therapeutic purposes.

Seyahat merkezi health department provide patients with choices to ask for the conducting and analyzing of several lab tests on-site at no cost for prioritized patients or at 70% for people with an insurance.

Contracted institutions

  • Medivia hospital
  • Ozel Etemoglu Agiz ve dis sagligi Atakoy